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Duct Hose Y-Connector 2.5-Inch
Part #: 49592-VUI
Price: $6.00

Molded Y-connector for 2.5-inch duct hoses.
Hose Adapter 2.5-Inch to 3-Inch
Part #: 49870-VCI
Price: $9.75

Molded 2.5-inch to 3-inch hose adapter.
Hose Adapter 2-Inch to 2.5-Inch
Part #: 62415-VUE
Price: $3.25

Molded 2-inch to 2.5-inch hose adapter.
Hose Adapter 2-Inch Glue-On
Part #: 62419-VUE
Price: $1.00

Molded 2-inch glue-on hose adapter.
Duct Hose Y-Connector 2-Inch
Part #: 495920
Price: $9.95

Molded Y-connector for 2-inch duct hoses.