021169 - 1969 Camaro Gen IV SureFitâ„¢ Condenser Kit with Drier

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This SureFitâ„¢ condenser kit has been custom designed by our engineering team to mount directly into your vehicle. In addition to the parallel-flow condenser the kit includes a receiver/drier binary safety switch and all of the necessary hardlines* and hardware for mounting into a stock configured engine compartment and core support. Detailed installation instructions are also included.

*In their original configuration on 1969 Chevrolet Camaros the compressor mounts on the driver side. However due to the variety of drive systems available in some configurations the compressor may be mounted on the passenger side.

This condenser kit is designed for a driver-side-mounted compressor. For vehicles equipped with a passenger-side-mounted compressor this kit may be used but it will be necessary to purchase an alternate #8 Condenser/Core Hardline (35367-VCG) and a modified hose kit.