Requires an available groove on both the water pump and balancer in order to drive the compressor.

WARNING: California proposition 65

152500 - 1963-84 Chevrolet 250/292 A/C Compressor Bracket

Price: $185.00


Air conditioning bracket for 1962-89 153, 194, 215, 230, 250 & 292 GM inline engines. Adjustable front to back & up and down. Works with coil in cap HEI. Comes with hardware and instructions.

This bracket allows the installation of a SANDEN 508 style compressor on any 153 Chevrolet 4-Cylinder, 194 230, 250 OR 292 Chevrolet 6-Cylinder, or 215 Pontiac 6 Cylinder engine made between 1962-89.

It is adjustable front to back to allow for multiple belting combinations.

It can be adjusted vertically as well to allow for clearance of all styles of factory distributors such as points and both internal and external coil equipped HEI.