1. This bracket kit requires a harmonic balancer with (2) wide grooves. An add-on kit for single-groove harmonic balancers (Part # 732104) is available through Vintage Air.
2. This bracket kit requires a water pump pulley with (2) wide grooves. A (2) wide-groove water pump pulley for long-nose water pumps (Part # 732109) is available through Vintage Air.
3. Vintage Air’s FJ40 SureFit system requires a minimum 50-amp alternator. Vintage Air recommends upgrading to a 100-amp 10si or 12si alternator. While the OEM 50-amp alternator will work with the SureFit system, additional accessories will require additional amperage.
4. Vintage Air offers a compressor/GM alternator bracket kit (Part # 158209) that fits the 100-amp 12si alternator with clocking positions of 12:00 and 6:00. Evaluating system requirements and rewiring for higher amperage alternators (using 8 AWG wire) is the sole responsibility of the customer.

WARNING: California proposition 65

158217 - 1968-83 FJ40 Land Cruiser Compressor/OEM Alternator Bracket Kit

Price: $155.00


With steel plate brackets to mount the compressor and alternator, this kit is a simple and economical solution to air condition your FJ40 Land Cruiser with ease.