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The performance industry standard has always been to hang the accessories such as alternator, power steering pump and air conditioner compressor from the engine’s existing mount holes wherever possible using simple flat steel brackets. These brackets do provide mounting for the components, but often looked less than attractive. In fact, we manufacture steel bracket kits, and they offer a low-cost method of installing the engine drive components. But these conventional brackets can limit the choices of intake systems, exhaust options, and make deck-height machining problematic. And today, the introduction of modern engines such as the GM LS Series and the Ford Coyote modular engines requires an integrated mounting approach.

That is what the Front Runner drive systems are all about. By eliminating all mounting points beyond the engine block itself and designing a super-compact component package, we now overcome any intake, exhaust or cylinder head option problems. By specifying a more compact compressor and alternator, plus standardizing to a high-performance water pump, we create the smallest drive package ever available. The bonus to you is making your engine swap much easier because of improved clearances all around. And the final, and most important benefit, is that Front Runner brackets are designed to become an integral part of your engine’s block. A solid, totally rigid platform that virtually eliminates the kind of harmonic vibration that can destroy a conventional engine drive bracket.

Over the past 17 years, the Front Runner has proven to be one of our most successful products. While the term “Front Runner” has been used to describe drive systems offered by other companies, no other system is equal. The Front Runner was engineered from the start for maximum Performance First! These are not appearance or dress-up components. They are the essence of “form following function.” Performance First is not just a slogan, it is our whole way of life at Vintage Air!
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Power Wire Boot
Part #: 220009
Price: $4.20

Power wire boot.