Because our exclusive GEN II TM and GEN IVTM technology incorporates so many revolutionary ideas and features, we get some frequently asked questions from our customers. And we have heard of some unfortunate misinformation coming from other “air conditioning sellers.”First, EVERY Vintage Air system and component is engineered and manufactured in-house at our plant in Texas. Before Vintage Air, there were no compact performance aftermarket air conditioning systems available for street rods and classic cars and trucks. We built our earliest units to be small enough to fit into thirties-era cars and to perform well enough with the technology known at the time. Over the thirty- five years since, we have revolutionized the mobile air conditioning industry with many innovations and patented technologies which, frankly, now makes the conventional systems sold by others obsolete. So when you buy a Vintage Air system, you know that it represents literally thousands of hours of research, engineering and real-world testing BEFORE we ever place them on the market.

So what makes the Gen II & IV systems different?
All of our products and systems are created with industry-standard Pro Engineering CAD/CAM “virtual” design programs. Rather than trial and error or just repackaging age old product designs, we continually refine our existing systems and develop all new systems to be true climate control, such as you would find in the finest production automobiles. In fact, we actually engineer and produce the climate control systems for some of the world’s finest OEM supercar makers!

What is the benefit of using servo motors?
Servo motors are not simply on-off electric switches found in conventional aftermarket A/C systems. They are variable position, solid-state
devices used reliably on high-end OEM systems for years. Servo motors incorporated into properly designed systems can deliver much greater air door travel. This has allowed us to design our Gen II & Gen IV evaporator units with tremendous air volume increases. Conventional vacuum-operated air doors simply do not open far enough to flow as much air as these systems.

Servos are not cheap. Nor are they just a bolt-in change. That’s why other companies have only reluctantly begun offering them, and why they tried for years to discourage customers from wanting a servo system. When combined with our exclusive solid-state circuit board controls, the Gen II & IV servos can give you the most infinite adjustments for “Just Right Temperatures” in any weather or location.

Can evaporator case design make that much difference?
All you have to do is see the “virtual-flow” and wind tunnel testing we perform in our engineering department stations to understand. We can
test, refine, and re-test the most minor case design changes or components until we are satisfied that the system is delivering everything it
has got, before we even build a prototype! Then we install the prototype system in one of our R&D hot rods and drive it thousands of miles before
you ever buy the system for your own hot rod. Just like professional race teams, we know winning is in the smallest details!

Do the Gen II & Gen IV systems deliver better defrost too?
One of the important design ideas we learned with our in-house CAD engineering program was how to design for optimum dehumidified defrost mode. Clearing the fog from your windows on a mild, yet humid, day is a snap with the new Gen II & IV systems.

From Compact Design To Maximum Capacity, Vintage Air Has You Covered


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