If you’re planning to air condition one of the popular “late model” muscle cars or pickups, one of our SureFit kits is the simple and easy choice.

While most “early model” street rods require a somewhat custom configured air conditioning package, later cars, from the sixties and up, usually maintain most of the factory sheet metal and body features, which allows us to engineer “vehicle specific” complete systems, which we
call our SureFit series kits. The ever-increasing value of these “late model” cars and trucks, particularly Corvettes, “pony cars,” and muscle cars of the ‘60s, further encourages us to engineer these kits to be installed using as many of the factory-drilled holes and brackets as possible to maintain the vehicle’s value. In some cases, very minor adjustments or an extra hole may be required. This is because all auto manufacturers made changes to their vehicle assembly designs during production runs. But we always try to minimize any required vehicle alterations. SureFit kits also offer the most complete and straight forward installations available anywhere. Our award-winning instruction booklets and carefully engineered system packages should make your SureFit installation job simple, fun and very cool!


Our SureFit kits are designed to place the evaporator case and air duct hoses behind the dash for a factory-clean look. In most cases, the SureFit system will be controlled by your stock dash controls using our exclusive patented “Cable Converters”. In some applications, a new “factory” look control panel is included with the kit. Some early truck kits must use additional switches.

All SureFit systems provide full OEM-style operations including air conditioning, floor or vent exit heating and a powerful dehumidified defroster. To retain a true factory look, the A/C air exits through the factory dash louvers, if originally equipped in your car’s dash.

The under-hood components are designed to mount to stock engine bolt points (although we can accommodate many custom engine swaps). In most cases, the condenser assembly mounts to stock core support mount points. Again, because of production design changes, you may need to modify some mounting points slightly. Each SureFit kit features many components designed by our engineers specifically for each vehicle application. Components such as preformed aluminum lines, condenser mounted drier, engine brackets and a replacement glove box insert give these systems a clean, finished looking installation. The best news is, because our entire SureFit evaporator/heater case is mounted inside the car behind the dash, this clears the firewall/engine area of your car or truck of those big, ugly factory A/C housings! Each SureFit kit contains a vehicle-specific firewall cover panel to seal off the opening left from the removal of the OEM system, and provides refrigerant line and heater hose routing. They are also easily adapted to a smooth or filled firewall.

The Vintage Air SureFit kits are the best value and the most completely engineered air conditioning systems you can install in your classic car or truck. Add the fact that Vintage Air has been the most respected name in performance aftermarket climate control systems for forty years, and the choice is obvious!

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