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Vintage Air SureFit kits are the most complete, bolt-in climate control systems available for classic and late model muscle cars, restomods, and trucks. SureFit kits install easily and utilize most of the factory sheet metal and body features, and are engineered as "vehicle specific" complete systems. With the ever-increasing value of classic cars and trucks, particularly Corvettes, "pony cars," and muscle cars of the '60s, we have engineered these kits to be installed using as many of the factory-drilled holes and brackets as possible to maintain the vehicle's value. In some cases, very minor adjustments or an extra hole may be required. This is because all auto manufacturers made changes to their vehicle assembly designs during production runs. SureFit kits also offer the most complete and straightforward installations available anywhere. Our award-winning instruction booklets and carefully engineered system packages should make your SureFit installation job simple, fun and very cool!

Our SureFit kits are designed to place the evaporator case and air duct hoses behind the dash for a factory-clean look. In most cases, the SureFit system will be controlled by your stock dash controls using our exclusive patented "Cable Converters." In some applications, a new "factory" look control panel is included with the kit. Some early truck kits must use additional switches.

All SureFit systems provide full OEM-style operations including air conditioning, floor or vent exit heating and a powerful dehumidified defroster. To retain a true factory look, the A/C air exits through the factory dash louvers, if originally equipped in your car's dash.

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1947-55 Chevrolet Pickup Two-Piece Fan Shroud Kit
Part #: 371500
Starting at $94.00


This two-piece shroud is designed for custom installations on 18-1/2-inch width radiators. When assembled as supplied the shroud should measure 20-1/2-inches tall. It can be trimmed to accommodate shorter radiators. Additionally fan location often varies due to aftermarket modifications to engine mounts suspension configuration etc. The fan opening in this shroud must be cut to match your specific vehicle. Detailed installation instructions are included.
1955-59 Chevrolet Pickup Fan Shroud Kit V8 with 6-Cyl Core Support
Part #: 370050
Starting at $215.00


This fan shroud kit fits New Design 1955-later-season through 1959 Chevrolet Pickups with a V8 engine and a 6-cylinder core support. Chevrolet ended the Advanced Design-model trucks in mid-1955.
1966-67 Chevrolet Nova Fan Shroud Kit
Part #: 32069-VCF
Starting at $249.00

This fan shroud kit fits 1966-67 Chevrolet Novas.
1961-62 Chevrolet Corvette Coolant Expansion Tank Relocation Kit
Part #: 154730
Starting at $55.00


This bracket kit relocates the coolant expansion tank to the driver side on 1961-62 Chevrolet Corvettes. The kit includes a bracket and mounting hardware along with installation instructions.
1967-68 Ford Mustang Reproduction Center Louver Kit
Part #: 492096
Starting at $240.00

Replacement louver kit for non-factory air vehicles. Kit includes replacement center louver, dual 2.5-inch hose adaptor and hardware.
1967-68 Ford Mustang Reproduction Center Louver
Part #: 492095
Starting at $230.00

Replacement louver for factory air vehicles.

We recommend ordering a complete kit for reliability.

Why replace your worn out OEM air conditioning system with a new Vintage Air “SureFit” kit?

Consider these benefits:

  1. SureFits cost about the same as replacing only an original compressor/evaporator on most cars.
  2. Gen IV systems incorporate modern technology. No balky control cables or sticking vacuum doors
  3. You get a full 3-year warranty and a system designed to outperform your original system. Uses R-12 or environmentally friendly HFC 134a refrigerant.
  4. SureFit systems retain the factory look inside your vehicle, yet improve the under hood appearance by eliminating the heavy factory equipment.
  5. Optional ProLine Series components are compatible with most SureFit systems.
  6. Some 1960s and many 1970s cars cannot be calibrated to work optimally with 134a refrigerant.