Vintage Air University

Vintage Air is proud of our many authorized distributors worldwide! If you’ve spent any time in the street rod or specialty car hobby, you will recognize many of these businesses as leaders in construction and innovation in the street rod and custom car industry. That these fine companies have chosen to become Vintage Air dealers is testament to the performance and quality of our climate control systems. Professional car builders will not risk the reputation of their shop on unproven or unreliable components.


That’s why more street rods, worldwide, are air conditioned by Vintage Air systems than all other brands combined.

But what if you’re buying and installing an A/C system yourself? That just makes all those experienced distributors even more important. Each year Vintage Air hosts an intensive distributor training program at our San Antonio manufacturing facility. This ensures that the people in our distributor network understand the operation, performance characteristics, and most importantly, the installation procedures on all of our systems.
These training sessions include over ten hours of classroom instruction on topics ranging from basic air conditioning theory to product familiarization, and even the future technology we are continuously incorporating into our new systems. As early as 1987, we recognized that sweeping changes were soon to be required in the automotive air conditioning field. We immediately began to create new products and to educate our distributors about the growing environmental issues concerning automotive A/C systems. We support efforts to safeguard our environment. We have now sold thousands of our environmentally friendly 134a systems, and they have proven to be very efficient and reliable.

After our distributors complete their in class instruction, they each participate, “hands-on,” with an actual system installation in a street rod, sport truck or other classic car. From unpacking and reading through the instructions to assembling and mounting the components, these folks learn to do it all.

By the time each distributor leaves for his home town, he will have expert knowledge and hands-on experience to help you select the right system for your car and to help you get it installed and performing perfectly. Properly engineered climate control systems are not simple, but your local factory-trained distributor and our detailed instruction booklets will help make your installation easy and trouble-free.