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Complete Gen II SureFit kit for 1956 F-100

Complete Gen IV SureFit kit for 1961-66 F-100

Complete Kits – Gen II SureFit
74053-LFU-A 1953-55 F-100 Complete Kit
74056-LFU-A 1956 F-100 Complete Kit


Evaporator Kits – Gen II SureFit
75453-LFZ-A 1953-55 F-100 Evaporator Kit
75456-LFZ-A 1956 F-100 Evaporator Kit


1953-56 under dash panel with louver package shown is available with or without control panel installed.

Gen II SureFitTM System Features:
– Under dash panel with built-in 4-lever controls.
– Electronic servo motor operation.
– Multi-speed blower fan speed adjustment.
– Dehumidified defrost.
– Floor exit heat/air.
– Mounts behind the dash.
– Compatible with ProLine controls (See Page 48).
– Firewall plate for refrigerant and heater lines.
– Compatible with Ford or Chevy engines.
– Replacement molded glove box (reduced capacity).
– Allows use of stock cowl vent.

Gen IV SureFitTM System Features: See Previous Page

Complete Kits – Gen IV SureFit
951153 1961-64 F-100 Complete Kit with 6 Cylinder
951150 1961-64 F-100 Complete Kit with V-8
951154 1965 F-100 Complete Kit with 6 Cylinder
951151 1965 F-100 Complete Kit with V-8
951155 1966 F-100 Complete Kit with 6 Cylinder
951152 1966 F-100 Complete Kit with V-8


Evaporator Kits – Gen IV SureFit
754150 1961-64 F-100 Evaporator Kit with 6 Cyl.
754151 1965 F-100 Evaporator Kit
754151 1966 F-100 Evaporator Kit


1961-66 under dash panel and louver package shown.

1. Some installations may require additional engine pulleys not included with kits. You must provide pulleys, V-belts, heater hose and refrigerant.
2. SureFit systems may interfere with some OEM radios or in-dash speakers.


Optional System Components

63156-LFE – Defrost duct – For both sides order two.