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Gen IV Separate Coil Design And Air Flow Diagram

What’s with the separate coils vs. a single combined coil?
One of earliest goals of our systems was compact size for early model street rods. We developed our single “combined” cooling and heating coils to achieve minimum unit size. Over the years we have refined the designs of these Gen II systems as discussed above until they have become the industry leader for compact systems. The Gen II combined coil design has performed extremely well for over thirty years and has had no failures when properly installed with adequate engine coolant. The separate cooling and heating coils used in our Gen IV systems require a larger evaporator case, making them a perfect choice for larger and “later” model cars. Using separate larger coils does provide more cooling and heating capacity. We are continuing to develop additional Gen IV system applications in our SureFit line for vehicles that will accommodate the larger units.

What Else Is different about Gen IV technology?
In addition to separate coils and a temperature blend air door, the Gen IV System also incorporates a microprocessor (or ECU).This “Electronic Brain” not only controls the door servos, it also allows us to monitor the internal A/C coil temperature with a thermistor, eliminating the need for a traditional thermostat and capillary tube. Eliminating the thermostat gives you complete system operation with just three controls, similar to standard OEM systems. Our Gen IV Magnum and most of our SureFit™ Systems also feature variable blower speeds, air blend and temperature control.

Are the controls easy to install and understand?
Easier than ever! While the new electronic controls and servos are state-of-theart, the Gen II & IV systems are actually easier to install than old conventional type systems. No cables to route through the firewall because the heater valve is also servo controlled. No linkages to adjust because the controls are solid-state circuit boards. Our patented Cable Converters make adapting your original controls a snap (See Page 13). And, you can mount the Universal system control panel almost anywhere in the car. Simply plug and play!

What about high horsepower engines?
Gen II & IV systems do not rely on engine vacuum to operate. All functions are controlled with electronic servos so your climate control will not be affected even when you’re powering up a mountain pass!

Why is the warranty three years?
Since the day we sold our first system back in 1976, we have always gone the “extra mile” to satisfy our customers’ needs. Ask any Vintage Air owner. The fact is, when installed as directed, Vintage Air systems have less than one tenth of one percent chance of failure! We could offer a longer warranty but our three decades of experience tell us that in the very rare times that a part has failed, it fails in the first few months of operation. There are thousands more Vintage Air systems on the road today than all other brands combined, and reliability is one of the key reasons.

Forty years says it all!
We are proud to have remained the most trusted name in climate controls since 1976. Air conditioning is not the most expensive part of your project. But ease of installation and long term performance and reliability can make the difference between adversity and adventure!