Vintage Air University

Fan Clutches

32000-VUF Conventional fan clutch
32001-VUF Monster-duty fan clutch
32002-RUR Reverse rotation H/D fan clutch
Direct Mount Fan Blades
32917-VUF 17.25” x 2” steel fan
32918-VUF 18.25” x 2” steel fan
32116-HSR 17” x 2” reverse rotation
32119-HSR 18” x 2” reverse rotation
32115-HSR 19” x 2” reverse rotation
Clutch Fan Blades
32517-VUF 17”x 2” fan
32518-VUF 18”x 2” fan
32117-HSR 17”x 2” reverse rotation fan
32118-HSR 18”x 2” reverse rotation fan
Radiator Caps

Chrome 7 lb.
Chrome 15 lb.
Servo Heater Valve Re-fit Kit
Now you can retrofit your current Vintage Air A/C or heater system with our Gen II style adjustable electronic servo-controlled heater water valve kit. Includes servo valve, control switch and wiring kit.
50507- VUA Valve kit with control knob and pod.

Stewart Hi-Flow Water Pumps, NASCAR’s Choice for Cup Racers!
For small block Chevy, run cooler, twice the pressure, 41% more flow, uses less engine power, and five times the strength of standard cast-iron pumps.

72211-SCP Small block Chevy, short pump
72231-BCP Big block Chevy, short pump

72212-LCP Small Block Chevy, long pump
72232-CCP Big Block Chevy, long pump

Water Neck Riser
New design with 1/2” NPT thread port. Aluminum water neck riser allows installation of a sending unit or connection of a pressure-side heater line or hose when you are unable to use existing manifold outlets. Fitting sold separately. Designed for SB & BB Chevy.


706001-VCQ Water neck riser (top)
706003 Water neck riser with 1/2” NPT front side port location and rear corner port locations.
706004 Water neck with single center 1/2” NPT port.

Heater Hose Fitting
501002-SUR – 5/8” Stainless steel


SuperStat Thermostat
Allows engine temp to stabilize faster. Precisely controls amount of coolant flow, which means system cycles less often than conventional thermostats. Stainless spring.


70700-VUT 1600 thermostat
70705-VUT 1800 thermostat
70710-VUT 1950 thermostat

Moon Direct-Mount Temp Gauge
Liquid filled gauge needs no wires, no senders or cables. Installs in block, water neck, heads or radiator for an accurate temp reading directly from your coolant flow!
49800-VUI 1.5” diameter gauge, (water neck not included).
49802-VUI 2.25” diameter gauge, (water neck not included).


Moon Recovery Tanks/Reservoirs

2-1/4” x 5” master cylinder reservoir (Brackets sold separately, see number below.)


708009 Brackets (pair) tank/reservoir
708007 1.5 quart tank/reservoir
708008 2 quart tank/reservoir


2-1/4” x 13” tank/reservoir (Brackets #708009, sold separately at left.)


Note: 15”,16”,17”,18’, and 19” tanks also available special order only.