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“U-Bend-Em” Universal Length Aluminum Heater Lines

STRAIGHT sections of aluminum heater line with swaged #10 female O-ring on one end and a 5/8” heater hose barb on the opposite end. You form to desired shape using proper tubing bender.


Outside Dimensions:
#6 Tubing = 3/8” 0.D. #8 Tubing = 1/2” O.D. #10 Tubing = 5/8” O.D.


Universal Lengths Of Aluminum Refrigerant Line To Be Formed As Needed – Fittings Installed

STRAIGHT sections of aluminum refrigerant line with swaged O-ring ends (female-female or male-female) installed on tubes. You form to desired shape using proper tubing bender.



Inline Safety Switches
ALWAYS Use A Safety Switch In Your A/C System!

Trinary Switch Kit
Low pressure and high pressure compressor clutch cutoff functions PLUS electric fan engagement signal at 254 PSI. 30 PSI low pressure cutoff. 406 PSI high pressure cut off. Recommended for all electric fan installations.
24678-VUS Trinary switch kit for beadlock crimp
11076-VUS Replacement female thread trinary switch only
Threaded Adapter
For installing female threaded trinary or binary switches into our standard or chrome driers, (Driers on Page 82).
18103-VUG Adapter
(not compatible with ProLine driers)


Binary Switch Kit
Combines high and low pressure functions into one switch. 30 PSI low pressure cutoff, 406 PSI high pressure cutoff.24679-VUS Binary switch kit for beadlock crimp
11078-VUS Replacement female thread binary switch only
Note: Male safety switches listed on Page 80.
Switch Fitting
Pressure switch fitting. 3/8” female O-ring x 3/8” male O-ring w/ female switch installation fitting.


34098-VUG Switch fitting