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Complete Kit – Custom Fit
941001 1949-59 Studebaker C-Cab Complete Kit


Evaporator Kit – Custom Fit
681001 1949-59 Studebaker C-Cab Evaporator Kit


Custom Fit System Features:
– Control switches mount into original Climatizer control panel position.
– Electronic servo motor operation.
– Multi-speed blower fan speed adjustment.
– Dehumidified defrost mode fed by plenum shown.
– Floor exit heat and air.
– Mounts under the dash.
– Firewall plate for refrigerant & heater lines.

Studebaker C-Cab dash with Climatizer System.

NOTE: This is a “Custom Fit” design kit.
This kit was engineered to fit the 1949-59 C-Cab trucks, but may require some minor modifications to the firewall or under-hood sheet metal. The compressor bracket, crankshaft pulley and refrigerant lines are designed to fit the original Studebaker engine. You can order the “Evaporator Only” kit if you have a non-stock engine installed.

Optional System Components

701049 – 1949-59 Studebaker C-Cab truck radiator.