Vintage Air University

SLIMLINE SYSTEMS – All new evaporator coil configurations! This new and improved coil design moves the heater lines to the passenger side along with the A/C lines for easier installation. These value priced systems have been engineered to provide excellent cooling capacity and air delivery in a compact under dash package. Both units feature built-in controls and louvers.

11301- VUY-A Cool Only (passenger side fittings)
11301- VUX-A Heat & Cool (passenger side fittings)
11300- VUZ-A Heat,Cool,Defrost
11401- VUY-A Cool Only (passenger side side fittings), with black louvers
11401- VUX-A Heat & Cool (passenger side side fittings), with black louvers
11400- VUZ-A Heat,Cool,Defrost, with black louvers



A simple solution to A/C installation. This system has been engineered to provide great cooling capacity and air delivery in a smaller vehicle cab.

10301- VUY-A Cool only, (passenger side fittings)
10301- VUX-A Heat & Cool, (passenger side fittings)
10401- VUY-A Cool only, (passenger side fittings), with black louvers
10401- VUX-A Heat & Cool, (passenger side fittings), with black louvers

CONTROLS Uses standard under dash control pod.

Gen II Heater

506101 Heater with defrost and servo door control
New design provides superior performance from servo motor-controlled air door, improved case design and our exclusive electronic servo-actuated heater control valve. New 3-knob control operates temp, fan speed and heat/defrost balance. Includes universal defrost ducts.

  • Also may be used with optional dash louvers 49344-VUL (all black) or 49044-VUL (chrome ball).
  • Use our optional molded defrost ducts 633810-VUA shown on page 57.
  • For a custom look use our optional ProLine Aluminum 3-knob controls . 491610 (polished) or 491613 (black anodized). 4.125” x 1.25” x 1.00” deep



ComPac Heater

50515- VUH Compac Heater A simple, reliable, heat source.