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Tech Topic: How Do I Measure, Cut and Install My Duct Hoses?

    Duct hoses are an essential part of your Vintage Air system. The duct hose transports the air from the blower in the evaporator sub case to the vents on, above, and under the dash, so proper installation and routing is a must!     When you receive your system from Vintage Air, it […]

Tech Topic: Is an Electric Compressor a Good Option for My Hot Rod?

Over the years, we have received a number of questions regarding electric compressors, and whether or not they are available through Vintage Air. Since the 1990s, our engineers have tested numerous electric compressors as part of Vintage Air’s comprehensive research and development program, and we have used them in several all-electric vehicle applications, including the […]

How to Air Condition Your Hot Rod

This updated edition of the original book, written back in 1993,not only tells you how to plan an install, but gives you the understanding and basic knowledge about a complete air conditioning system. This book explains the science of the refrigerant, the importance of insulation, and how controlling humidity and heat levels inside the car […]