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SPAL Series Electric Fans

SPAL is recognized worldwide as a leader in automotive engine cooling technologies. We offer the complete line of SPAL fans to our customers to assure optimum cooling system performance.

The illustrations are for typical reference only. Your dealer will be happy to supply you with specific CFM recommendations and mounting information.


SPAL Series Electric Fans


Part Number Fan Diameter Motor Thickness Fan Thickness CFM
32141-SHF 14” Puller 3.390 1.100 1720
32140-SHF 14” Pusher 3.390 1.100 1720
32161-SHF 16” Puller 3.390 1.100 2360
32160-SHF 16” Pusher 3.390 1.100 2360
Extreme Duty 16”
287016-VUR* 16” Puller 3.640 1.440 3000
32111-SDF* 11” Dual Puller

(5 blade fan)

4.250 2.600 2780


Above fans do not include mounting brackets. Order 40137-VUB bracket kit.


1. These fans must use heavy duty wiring kit 23102-VUW. See Page 86
2. Other smaller fan models available by special order only. Allow 4-6 weeks delivery.


SPAL Dual Fans
Designed as a primary cooling fan package. They can be mounted horizontally for use on 50s, 60s and 70s cars and trucks. Mounted vertically, they can be used on mid-to-late 30s street rods and trucks.


32111-SDF………….11” Dual Puller

231360 – Dual Fan “Y” Connector to integrate 32111-SDF fans into our fan harness kits on Page 86.