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Proper Insulation And Sealing Is A Must For Optimal Air Conditioner Performance!


Even with Vintage Air’s great performance, proper sealing and insulation are critical to the optimal performance of any climate control system in a classic vehicle. An air conditioner must be able to remove heat faster than it is added to the cabin, so it is imperative that good quality weather stripping, door seals and heat reflecting insulation are installed in your vehicle. It is also very important to locate and fill any holes, seams, or other openings in the firewall and floor that might allow hot air from the engine compartment to enter the interior. In short, you have to keep out as much heat as possible to allow the climate control system to operate efficiently.

Vintage Air offers two approaches to sound deadening and heat insulation. Dynamat Xtreme is an excellent sound deadener and heat reflective first layer of insulation on floors, door skins and headliners. For maximum heat-block and reflection, install Dynaliner closed cell foam or Koolmat insulation as a second layer on top of the Dynamat Xtreme.

We are now also stocking Lizard Skin spray-on insulation and sound deadener. Heat reflection is accomplished with a ceramic substrate suspended in the spray mixture, and the sprayed installation provides a seamless coating. A second spray application with the sound deadener reduces vibration and noise to complete the system.


Dynamat Xtreme – Above
Dynamat Xtreme is the top-of-the-line product. It has the highest damping efficiency and doubles as a radiant energy reflector, as it has an aluminum outer facing. Xtreme can be used on any surface: firewall, floor, engine compartment, roof, trunk, or doors. It is ultra-thin, lightweight and conforms easily to floor contour.

12 sq.ft.kit (4 sheets 12” x 36”)

36 sq.ft.kit (9 sheets 18” x 32”)

Dynaliner – Far lower left
This is the perfect ultra-lightweight insulator to use on top of Dynamat. This durable, crush-and-tear-resistant material has the highest heat blocking properties available in a single layer synthetic foam-type material. Dynaliner isn’t affected by oil, and does not absorb water. Dynaliner provides acoustic isolation and excellent thermal insulation for roof, firewall, floor and doors. It can even be used under your hood.

.125” thick,12 sq.ft.kit

.25” thick,12 sq.ft.kit

.5” thick,12 sq.ft.kit

Application Rollers – Left

Applying Dynamat is simple with the right tools. Proper adhesion will guarantee long lasting results. The Economy Roller is perfect for simple applications. The Professional Roller is a must for do-it-yourselfers who desire the very best results.

Wood Roller
Rubber Roller


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