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Vintage Air’s Own LoPro Electric Fan and Shroud Combination

Electric fan with shroud. Tubular fan mounting bracket with 15.25” skewed fan blade. Only 2.75” clearance necessary. Mount vertically or horizontally.

NOTE: Fan is designed to be a “puller” only. Cannot be used as a “pusher” type fan.


Part Number A B D CFM
280471 18.25” 2.62” 20.75” 2700+
(Can be trimmed down to): 17.25” 19.25”
280473 21.75” 2.62” 20.00” 2700+
(Can be trimmed down to): 19.75” 19.00”

(Requires HD wiring kit 23102-VUW below)







Skewed Blade Electric Fans

Reversible high-volume skewed blade fans deliver maximum cooling efficiency. Brackets included.


Part Number A B C CFM
32610-VUF 11.20” 2.480 1.20 950
32612-VUF 13.23” 2.480 1.20 1155
32614-VUF 15.04” 2.75 1.20 1555
32616-VUF 16.30” 2.870 1.20 1810
32716-VUF 16.30”HD 3.190 1.20 2170

(Heavy Duty Unit)


All electric fans require proper wiring kit with a relay.
See below for wiring kits and electric fan accessories.



Electric Fan Wiring Harnesses & Thermostats
Designed by our engineers for proper operation of most electric fan installations. Includes inline relay to protect fan switch from excessive amp loads.

Electric Fan Wiring Kit
Recommended for ALL electric fan installations. Allows direct current to fan without placing load on your fan switch. Prevents current feedback when fan is not engaged.
23101-VUW Std. wiring kit
23102-VUW H.D. wiring kit
Electric Fan Thermostat Kit w/Wiring
Includes thermostat, adapter bushings, wiring harness.
24190-VUT 190 0 switch kit
24205-VUT 2050 switch kit


Electric Fan Set-Point Temp Switch
Recommended for ALL electric fan installations. Specially bored out to allow proper coolant flow around thermostat.
11190-VUS 190 0 switch – Black (On @1920 off @ 1820 )
11205-VUR 2050 switch – Red (On @2050 off @ 195 0 )
34303-VUG 3/8”X1/2” adapter
Adjustable Fan Thermostat
Automatic fan control at your desired temperature setting (180 0-2400). Probe installs into radiator drain with included pos-a-seal fitting. Use separately or with A/C trinary function safety switch. VA fan wiring kit recommended.
24675-VUT Thermostat kit
23101-VUW Thermostat wiring kit


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